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    Master of Arts (in the field of radio and television)

    2021-06-24 14:50:47

    In 2014, the school obtained the right to grant a Master of Arts (MFA) professional degree. The Master of Arts covers 3 professional fields, including fine arts, art design, and radio and television. In 2021, the broadcasting and television field will start enrolling students.

    The Master of Arts (in the field of radio and television) aims to cultivate high-level film, animation, and writing professionals with good professional ethics, systematic professional knowledge and skills, and an international perspective. High-level professionals capable of planning, creating, managing, disseminating and operating radio, film and television programs that are required by media art production, animation companies, radio and television institutions, institutions of higher learning, and government cultural administration departments.

    The radio and television field rely on the engineering background of the university, adheres to the school layout of "based in Qingdao, rooted in Shandong, and facing the world", with the concept of "expanding international horizons, highlighting comparative research, and serving the film capital", focusing on film and television directors, film and television animation creation, Three directions of creative writing