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    Introduction to Editing and Publishing

    2021-06-24 16:53:13

    The editing and publishing major of QUST was established in 1999, and it is one of the earliest colleges and universities engaged in editing and publishing education in Shandong Province. After more than 20 years of development, the editing and publishing major is facing the development opportunities of "new liberal arts", attaching importance to the intersection of traditional and emerging disciplines, the combination of theoretical research and practical ability, and forming the disciplines of book publishing, new media editing, etc. 

    The editing and publishing major has 16 professional teachers, including 7 doctors, 1 foreign expert, 8 teachers with the title of associate professor or above, and 8 master tutors. The teaching team has rich scientific research results. In the past five years, it has undertaken 1 national social science planning project, 3 humanities and social science projects of the MOE, press publications of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Shandong Provincial Social Science Planning and other provincial and ministerial projects More than ten items.

    The major has 1 provincial-level excellent course, 2 school-level first-level elite courses, 3 school-level high-quality courses, 2 school-level teaching teachers, and 2 school-level excellent teaching teams. There are more than ten awards for various teaching achievements such as school-level teaching teachers, teaching teams, and teaching effect awards.

    This major has built a rich professional platform, including the "13th Five-Year Plan" Shandong Province colleges and universities scientific research and innovation platform, "China-Korea Film and Television Animation Art and Digital Publishing Innovation Research Base", media and social development research center and a creative publishing research center , Data Media Research Center and other three research institutions. In June 2017, the China Editing and Publishing Research Center was jointly established by the Chinese Editorial Society and Qingdao University of Science and Technology which is the first research center established by the Chinese Editorial Society in Shandong Province. After years of development, it has formed an important subject base for talent training, academic research, practical innovation and global cooperation in the field of editing and publishing.

    The editing and publishing major has professional laboratories such as laser phototypesetting, film and television editing and synthesis, film and television production, photography, etc., forming a digital media integration experimental institution, mainly focusing on film and television editing, computer-aided editing, book design, digital publication design and production, etc. Teaching and scientific research.

    The postgraduate entrance examination rate of editing and publishing undergraduates has been maintained at about 40%, and they have been admitted to double first-class universities in China such as Communication University of China, Beijing Normal University and Nanjing University. Other students have gone to Cambridge University, Baptist University and other domestic and foreign universities for further study. Students also could choose to participate in the cooperative education program of Middle Tennessee State University in the United States and Central University in South Korea, which provides students with diversified options for exchange studies.