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    Qingdao University of Science and Technology and the University of Bradford animation cooperation program

    2021-06-24 15:22:14

    The animation undergraduate education cooperation program organized by QUST and the University of Bradford was approved by the MOE of China in March 2019, and started the recruitment from July 2019. This program is the first film and television animation talent joint training program established based on the friendship city relationship between Qingdao and Bradford, the two "movie capitals" of the United Kingdom. It will draw on the superior educational resources of film and television animation of the University of Bradford. my country trains high-end film and television animation talents with global vision and international thinking.

    In this program, the college of Communication of our school and the University of Bradford jointly prepared innovative talent training programs and syllabuses, introduced the best core curriculum groups and teaching materials from the University of Bradford, and employed the University of Bradford’s faculty team come to our school and teach, and the British teachers are responsible for more than one-third of the core course teaching tasks, so that the students in this program could obtain the highest quality education at the University of Bradford without going abroad.

    The University of Bradford is a comprehensive public university with a long history of more than 140 years. It was founded in 1860 and its first president was former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. The University of Bradford, as an important film and television animation talent training university in the UK, has cultivated a large number of international talents for Bradford over the years, and has also driven the development of its first-class film and television animation industry. The animation major of the school has carried out extensive cooperation with the British BBC company and other institutions to provide program students with internships and job opportunities related to film, animation and other majors.

    The students of this program mainly learn the basic theories of animation, film and television, and human-computer interaction design, and receive professional training in animation creation, film and television and new media production. This program aims to cultivate advanced application-oriented professionals with international vision and innovative thinking ability, comprehensive qualities of science, art and humanities, and the ability to produce film, animation, new media creation, and human-computer interaction design practice.

    After successfully completing the academic standards set by Qingdao University of Science and Technology, students of this project will receive a bachelor's degree and a bachelor's degree certificate issued by Qingdao University of Science and Technology, as well as a certificate of completion and transcripts provided by Bradford University. Outstanding graduates in this program who meet the IELTS scores required to go abroad can be recommended to the University of Bradford for further study of a master's degree. Project graduates have broad employment prospects and can work in multiple fields such as film and television, animation, games, media, and education, and can engage in careers such as film and television production, animation creation, game development, art design, and digital media design.