College history

The College of Communication of QUST established on March 6, 2006. In June of the same year, they employed Yuan Zhifa, the former editor-in-chief of GuangMing Daily, as the dean of the School of Communication. On November 15, 2007, it was renamed the College of Communication and Animation. On October 15, 2018, it was renamed the College of Media.

These years the College of Communication has already developed a kind of college that have cultural research, cultural product production, film and television animation, new media and communication. 

Educational purpose

Under the background of global economic integration and digital informatization, cultivating creative talents with international vision and international competitiveness in various disciplines has become an urgent task of our college in this new era. The college is developing a new type of first-class discipline group. The college of communication adheres to the educational philosophy of "Quality-oriented, Responsibility as the soul, Practice as the root" and the development strategy of "Building a higher platform, Gathering talents, Down to earth". Before the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the college of communication in 2025, we will follow the guidance of multi-level and multi-form international education, and strive to make our college become a first-class in film animation, new media and cultural regions in China. Cultivating innovative and creative talents with personality traits, a certain theoretical foundation, and strong practical capabilities for the various practical cultural and creative industries, media, and academic circles of the party and the country.