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    Drama and Film Studies

    2021-06-24 15:45:56

    In 2018, the school was approved for a master's degree in drama and film. Qingdao University of Science and Technology's first-level master's degree in drama and film and television is authorized by the school’s engineering background, adheres to the school layout of "based in Qingdao, rooted in Shandong, facing the world", and "expands international perspectives, highlights comparative research, and serves the film capital" The school-running philosophy focuses on animation film research, children's drama film and television research, and strives to become a nationally well-known and first-class academic research center of drama and film science in the province with relatively strong strength and distinctive characteristics within five years.

    There are two secondary disciplines under this authorization point, one is film studies, and the other is children's drama, film and television studies. There are two research directions under film science: film history theory and animated film research. There are two research directions under the science of children's drama and film: children's drama history and children's film and television research.