International program
QUST- Spoleto Art Academy (Italy)

Spoleto Art Academy, an artistic / educational project that will make the city of Meneotti an innovation center also by the educational and training point of view, completely self-sufficient and independent from university of Perugia.

The new Academy will focus its teachings on three specific training programs: scenography and Costume, Cinematography, Art and Environment. The faculty is worthy of one of the most prestigious Hollywood productions. Gianni Quaranta, councilor for culture and great promoter of the Academy, will be one of them. scenographer and costume designer for both theater and in movies,he won the Academy Award in 1987 for Camera Con Vista.

QUST and Spoleto Art Academy offer exchange opportunities for both students and faculties.

1.Application申请:Please download and complete the application form. 请下载申请表,并用英语填写。(见附件)

2.Transcript 学成绩单。请提供大学成绩单并附英文翻译。

3.English Proficiency 英语成绩:雅思(IELTS 5.5 以上)或托福成绩(iBT 61 以上)。

4.Study plan, 中英文两份你的学习计划。(Chinese and English version)

5.Resume,中英文个人简历 (Chinese and English Version)

6.Schedule Arrangement 时间安排

7.Register 报名:每年4月中旬(Mid April every year)

8.Materials summit材料提交:

9.Interview 面试:每年四月下旬( Late April every year)