Department of Film,TV and Animatio

Department of Film,TV and Animation originated in animation program founded in 2007, one of the earliest animation program in Shandong Province. Animation program was listed as national animation talents cultivation basis by State Administration of Press and Publication in 2007. The new Department of Film,TV and Animationwas formed in 2017 on the basis of animation program. The department offers two programsnow,i.e. Film,TV and Animationas well as game design.


Ning Xiang

Associate Professor
Education:M.A.,Communication University of China
Research area: Digitalart,Animated creative design
Projects:National Fund of Art etc.
Publications: “History of American Animation”(ed.)


Li Nan

Education:Communication University of China
Courses:Introductionto animation


Yu Xiaobo

Cartoonist, Animation Director
Education:B.A., Communication University of China
M.A., Communication University of China
Publications: Animation: Ma Shan Fox, Star World,etc


Li Huaipeng

M.A., Associate Professor
Research area:Digital painting


Fang Wenjia

Education:M.A., Peking University
Research area:Specialeffects,DFusion,Mganimation design and production

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